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15 March 2022 - 17 March 2022
Lille, France

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What to expect?


An inspiring and targeted conference program which will tackle topics such as advanced and innovative biomass pretreatment; technologies for biomass conversion and functionalization; extraction,

separation and purification of biomass; process modelisation and analytical methods and tools; design of bioprocesses, advanced fermentation. 


Expand your network and build new international partnership with the key players and experts of the sector. BIOKET is offering you lots of opportunities to meet your tomorrows partners such as pre-scheduled B2B meetings, "Cheese & Wine" cocktail (sponsored by Eurodia) and gala dinner.


Meet innovative companies on their booth!

Industries, research centers, start-ups... stay up-to-date to what's the next innovative technology will be!

Who will attend?

  • Biobased products producers
  • First and second transformation actors
  • Chemical companies
  • Biotech companies
  • Feedstocks suppliers
  • Engineering companies
  • Equipment manufacturer
  • R&D center, technical center
  • Universities



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Closed since 25 April 2022
Location Lille, FRANCE
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France 210
Belgium 27
Netherlands 23
Germany 18
Spain 10
Canada 9
Lithuania 8
Denmark 7
United Kingdom 6
United States 4
Italy 4
Switzerland 3
Greece 2
Finland 2
Luxembourg 2
Ireland 2
Austria 1
Brazil 1
Sweden 1
Estonia 1
Slovenia 1
Total 342